Around Bogota

Zipaquirá Zipaquirá

Don’t miss: There is plenty to see and do in Bogotá proper, but a visit to Colombia’s capital cannot exclude the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá 50km north of Bogotá, one of only three such structures in the world (the other two are in Poland). Around 250,000 tons of salt was cleared away to carve out the moody, ethereal underground sanctuary, heralded as one of Colombia’s greatest architectural achievements. As you descend to 180m below ground through 14 small chapels representing the Stations of the Cross – Jesus’ last journey – each a maudlin-lit triumph of both symbolism and mining, nothing prepares you for the trail’s culmination in the main nave, where a mammoth cross (the world’s largest in an underground church) is illuminated from the base up like heaen itself.

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